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Focus on: School Meals

The Lady Manners School catering team provide up to 1,300 healthy and delicious meals every school day.  Here we focus some well-deserved attention on them, in one of an occasional series of articles on some of the unsung heroes of our school.

Catering in Numbers

Feeding this number of our students and staff on a daily basis is a massive task. Food is prepared freshly every day, and every day features a different menu with the menus rotated every four weeks. On the days when these items are served, our catering staff can cook up to:

  • Chicken wrap24kg of pasta
  • 300 slices of pizza
  • 700 chicken wraps
  • 240 high quality pies
  • 300 sausage rolls
  • 600 chicken burgers (not, in fact, a burger but a solid piece of coated chicken)
  • 200 beef burgers (containing 100% beef)
  • 70kg chips
  • 300 sandwiches, wraps and rolls
  • 175 portions of fruit
  • 400 puddings
  • 60 pints of custard
  • 400 cakes
  • 600 biscuits
  • 300 slices of toast, which are available during morning break to stave off the hunger pangs until lunchtime.


We are proud of our catering department and of the high quality, nutritious food they provide day after day. We are gold members of the Heart of Derbyshire scheme, making public pledges on the healthiness of our food.

We also hold a five star Food Standards Agency food hygiene rating - the top rating - which shows the level of our commitment to the provision of high quality food.

Value for Money

Our catering facility is completely self-funding. We make no profit on the service. The income from school meals is used to buy the ingredients, equipment and pay for the staff needed to continue to provide our school meals.

Costs are kept as low as possible, whilst still retaining high quality ingredients. For the first time in several years, in March 2016 we have had to apply a small increase in prices, to cover increased supplier costs. However we still believe that a full school meal is incredibly good value. For example a £2.44 'meal deal' can be chosen every day by Lower School students and provides:

  • Meal deal 1: A main meal with two portions of vegetables (one can be potato); a biscuit or piece of fruit; and a carton of drink; or
  • Meal deal 2: A main meal with one portion of vegetables (which can be potato); a cake or pudding; and a carton of drink

At just £2.44, the 'meal deal' provides a complete and balanced meal to prepare our students for the afternoon ahead of them. We think this is tremendous value for money.


Every student has a favourite meal item. Chicken wraps are a firm favourite ("Chicken wraps are amazing") as well as pasta ("There should be more of the tomato and basil pasta because it is yummy!") and pies ("The meals are good – I like the burger or pies with chips").

Puddings are probably what we all remember most from school. The tradition continues and our puddings provide an important shot of energy in a busy school day: Chocolate crunch always goes down well as do the flapjacks ("I love the flapjacks!"). Our students typically are very health conscious with many opting for fruit instead of puddings.

More information

Full details, and a complete menu, are available to download on our 'School Meals' page.