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Email Communications

Over the past few years, we have been making changes to the way we communicate with parents in order to improve the effectiveness of our communications and to respond to the wishes of parents.  Changes have included the redesign of our website; the introduction of text messages to inform of school closure; and termly ‘News and Information’ emails.

Email is increasingly important in all of our communications and, indeed, 96% of parents who responded to our last parent survey told us that they were interested in receiving general school information by email.

For this reason, from 6 September, parents and carers will be informed by email when a letter is available for them to download.

Do we have your correct email address?

The email used for each family will be that to which our termly ‘News and Information’ emails have been sent. Please email with your preferred email address, and child’s name, if you have not been receiving these.

Communications guidelines

This marks a change to the nature of communication between school and home and is one that we hope will improve the information you receive from us. We have created a set of ‘Communications Guidelines’ with the aim of clarifying how school-home communications are managed. These guidelines are also available on the ‘Policies  and Procedures’ page of this website and include details on:

  • How school communicates with home
  • How to contact school
  • Response times to parent queries
  • Nature and tone of communications

It is important that communications between school and home are informative and respectful, and we are hopeful that the changes we are making will lead to further improvement.