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Five Star Catering Team

Lady Manners School Catering Team has, once again, been awarded the top Food Hygiene Rating of five by the Food Standards Agency.

The catering staff work hard to provide delicious and nutritious meals to more than 1,500 staff and students every school day.  The team is highly regarded and the meals they provide are a highlight of the students’ day.

Everyone has a favourite meal.  Chicken wraps are a firm favourite (“Chicken wraps are amazing”) as well as pasta (“There should be more of the tomato and basil pasta because it is yummy!”) and pies (“The meals are good – I like the burger or pies with chips”).

The staff and students typically are very health conscious with many opting for fruit instead of puddings.  Whatever they choose, the menus are carefully balanced.  In fact, the department holds gold membership of the ‘Heart of Derbyshire’ scheme, making public pledges on the healthiness of the food served at Lady Manners School.

Many of us need a shot of energy during a busy day and the cakes and puddings continue a tradition many will remember from their school days.  Chocolate crunch always goes down well as do the flapjacks and iced fingers.

If you’d like to join the friendly and successful team please see Vacancies for more detail, or contact Lady Manners School on 01629 812671 or email