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Update from the Headteacher: Friday 17 July

Update for parents and carers (Friday 17 July):

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to my final weekly update of the academic year.

You will not be surprised to hear that over the last few weeks I have been involved in a large number of meetings to discuss the wider reopening of our school in September. We have undertaken detailed planning throughout this challenging period, and I am proud and appreciative of the unrelenting efforts of our staff in ensuring our school environment is safe and secure. 

The partial reopening of our school to Year 10 and Year 12 students in June has been a success. Attendance rates have been high and both staff and students have reported that they feel safe on our school site. As we now extend our planning to include a wider reopening of our school, we will continue to listen carefully to advice received from professional organisations. 

Our overarching priority is to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. We have listened carefully to the views of parents, governors, staff and medical experts and we will continue to follow guidance from the DfE, Public Health England and Derbyshire County Council. 

You will receive a detailed information sheet later today which outlines some of our key plans. We will continue to update you over the summer, and particularly if any guidance changes. We will ensure that all students are as informed as possible prior to returning in September. 

As you know, we have worked hard to ensure students are prepared for learning when they return to school. We have aimed to provide a high quality of remote education and I have been pleased that over 1000 live lessons have now been successfully delivered. Activities have continued to be set on our learning platform, and we are also offering voluntary work across a range of subjects for completion over the summer.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers for your support since our school closure and I am sure, like me, you are looking forward to our full reopening in September. We are confident that we have prepared a safe environment where learning can flourish. We have ‘catch up’ plans in place across all subjects and we will do all we can to ensure that no child is disadvantaged by his or her enforced period of absence.

I would also like to thank our outstanding students who have worked so hard over the past months and have engaged so positively when attending lessons from home. Their response to live lessons and interactive teaching has been commendable. Students across all year groups have responded positively to a new way of learning and this will provide a strong platform for their future learning. I have also been extremely impressed with our Year 10 and Year 12 students who have attended lessons at school in such high numbers. I have had conversations with many of them, and I am proud of their mature and committed approach to the unusual situation we find ourselves in. 

As mentioned, we will continue to contact you at relevant points during the summer. We have all missed our students and are looking forward to their return in September. There will inevitably be a period of adaptation, but we will do all we possibly can to ensure students feel safe and receive high quality teaching from their very first day back at school. 

On a final point, I am sure you will join me in sending all departing staff our very best wishes for the future. Mr Beauchamp; Mr Hughes; Mrs Lovell; Mr Maunder and Mrs Roberts will be leaving Lady Manners at the end of the academic year, and we all appreciate the excellent service they have given the school.

Thank you again to parents and carers for your support and good wishes over the last few months. Your positive comments have been appreciated.

I wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable summer.


Gary Peat