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Years 7, 8 and 9

Director of Studies: Mrs J Lansley

Subject structure:

In years 7, 8, and 9, all students study English for five periods each week.

What we learn:

Year 7:

In Year 7, reading skills are developed by considering a variety of poems, plays and novels from both modern day and historical times, including Shakespeare. Students are also encouraged to develop their own reading interests by visiting the library, regular reading lessons and a Reading Challenge. There are opportunities to explore different writing styles, including persuasive and descriptive writing. Students also give individual talks to the rest of the class, and develop their group work skills.

Year 8:

Students continue to develop the skills from Year 7 and the concept of the tradition of English, poetry, prose and drama through research and analysis is introduced. Students will further their knowledge of Shakespeare and read some 19th century prose. They also consolidate their understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar.  They will analyse media texts, broaden their knowledge and understanding of poetry as well as continuing to produce a range and variety of written texts, with a particular focus on narrative writing.

Year 9:

In Year 9, students continue to build their reading and writing skills, with a particular focus on developing skills required for GCSE English. Responses to written texts using analytical skills will provide more focused evidence to support points. Writing skills are further developed ensuring texts are appropriate for a growing range of purposes and audiences. Many of the assessments students complete are in the format of GCSE questions, and towards the end of the year students work on unseen poetry texts, which is a GCSE requirement. There is still a focus on the development of independent reading, with more challenging texts being encouraged.