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Years 7, 8 and 9

Curriculum Leader: Mr R Mason

Subject structure:

In RE we want students to develop a philosophical understanding of the world and an appreciation of other world views. Students will develop the ability to express their own views and opinions in a manner that is respectful of people who have different faiths or beliefs to oneself (or who have none). RE enables students to develop high order thinking skills and an ability to challenge stereotypical views. Our Schemes of Work are in line with the Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2014-2019. According to the agreed syllabus, RE is a vital part of the curriculum with the 'principal aim' of enabling 'an on-going search for wisdom, through exploring questions raised by human experience'. In particular, RE at Lady Manners School encourages the development of the fundamental British value of religious tolerance and encourages students to strive towards sharing universal values such as equality, peace, democracy, respect for the law and human rights, freedom of speech and the celebration of cultural diversity. Students will also develop a strong personal morality and a deeper understanding of their own beliefs.

What we learn:

Year 7:

In Year 7 we ask some of the big questions about why people have beliefs, why we learn about religion, where the universe came from and how we can know if God exists. Students are also introduced to holy books and places of worship. As part of this scheme of work, we run a trip to places of worship in Derby. We strongly encourage students to join us on this trip even if they have been to some places of worship with their primary schools as the trip is an integral part of this sequence of lessons and affords learners a rare opportunity to explore the diversity of modern Britain.

Year 8:

In Year 8 we explore the influence of religious world views. We look at how religious ideas such as respect for the sanctity of life and non-violence have influenced and shaped culture leading to a more positive and equal society. We also explore methods of effecting positive change in the world and specifically look at the issue of violence perpetrated in the name of religion.

The RE department seek your support in tackling the myth that religion leads to violence by helping students to understand that extremists groups are not representative of mainstream religion. The teachings of all the religions we study lead to a more peaceful and egalitarian world. As highlighted by the current educational emphasis on British values, it is essential that the extended Lady Manners School community are tolerant of religious faiths and that we celebrate freedom of worship.

Year 9:

The Year 9 course leads naturally into GCSE Religious Studies. We have a strong focus on moral philosophy and we start to look at ethical theories and moral issues in preparation for studying Philosophy and Ethics at GCSE level. We do now begin some GCSE topics in January of Year 9 as most students will subsequently attain a full GCSE in Religious Studies and so their education flows smoothly from one key stage to the next. Throughout the course, students will be given ample opportunity to include their own views and personal beliefs when evaluating religious views. The RE department aims to unlock our students' potential to demonstrate sound judgement and the literacy skills needed to be able to articulate their personal beliefs and values effectively and appropriately. It is important that students feel that they are free to express any views that are consistent with British values and that they have support at home to be able to put their views and beliefs across. Any radical views that are not consistent with the principles of fundamental British values will be challenged. Tolerance is at the forefront of everything we do as tolerance is the only way to ensure that alienation, radicalisation and polarisation do not occur within British Society. At Lady Manners School we strive to ensure that all our students should be free to explore their own beliefs and values, whilst at the same time respecting the beliefs and views of others.