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School Day

From September 2020, the format of our school day will change to a five period day with an earlier finish time of 3.35pm (30 minutes earlier than the current finish time of 4.05pm).

8:55 am
Warning Bell
9:00 am
Form Time / Assembly
9:15 am
Period 1
10:15 am
Morning Break
10:30 am
Period 2
11.30 am
Period 3
12:30 pm
Lunch Break
1:30 pm
Period 4
2:30 pm
2:35 pm
Period 5
3:35 pm
End of School

Benefits of the new school day

Lady Manners School currently has the latest finish time of all Derbyshire schools. We strongly believe that these changes to the school day from September 2020 will benefit all members of our school community and will enhance the welfare and academic progress of our students.

The new structure of the day around five, 60-minute lessons brings the following benefits:

  • Retention of exactly the same amount of teaching time as the old, eight period day.
  • Inclusion of movement time between lessons will ensure every lesson can begin promptly.
  • Improved student welfare for those students who currently experience very long school days, allowing more time to complete homework, revision and to pursue interests outside of school.
  • Improved levels of concentration and engagement in lessons.
  • Improved rates of staff recruitment and retention.

Is everything included in the new structure?

The structure of the school day has been carefully considered to ensure that:

  • We can continue to offer our extensive range of extra-curricular clubs and activities to our students.
  • Students can continue to enjoy our delicious lunches and break time snacks.
  • Assemblies and tutor periods for all students are accommodated in the school day.
  • Bus companies can accommodate our earlier finish.  In a very few instances, interim arrangements will be made as bus contracts are amended.